Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sunday Scrapbook

This morning as I drew back the curtains on a bright and sunny morning, I spotted a small conifer in the neighbour's garden which seemed to be waggling violently in the wind. On closer inspection, I saw that the movement was caused, not by the wind, but by this muntjac deer rubbing it's 'antlers' on the tree's bark. 

By the time I'd rushed down and up the stairs to retrieve my camera, the deer was wandering off through the neighbour's insecure back fence. My first picture was a bit of a wobble.

The second was better, but by this time only its rear end was visible. Oh dear! One day I'll treat myself to that nice new camera....

Dawn's Sunday Scrapbook  pictures are far superior to mine today - but then she has sorted herself out with a superior camera and lens!


  1. Hi Janet, thanks for taking part this week. We don't get deer round here, but no too far away there are wild wallabies (really).
    I still use my point and click camera a lot of the time. I find the zoom function gives awful results and I prefer to zoom using an editing tool afterwards.
    I used to laugh at my Dad banging on about apertures and f-stops... comes to us all!!

  2. It's a wonderful sight-deer in the yard, but they spook so easily. I was taking some pics of a young deer through the bathroom window. I guess he caught sight of me, because he started, and ran to the top of the small rise where he proceeded to stamp his hooves at me before wandering off. What cheek!

  3. How wonderful to see a muntjac deer in the garden! I would rather see one of them than these pesky feral foxes around my neighbourhood!!!

  4. Wonderful! It looks so beautifully rural where you are.

  5. We get foxes too, they come from over the railway line which runs high up on the embankment. We have the main line Birmingham to Stratford. Fancy seeing a deer though. Be quicker next time. Thats what I like about blogging. I think it makes you want to take more photos!
    Thanks for the kind comments Janet, much appreciated. I've had a lovely day!
    Love Suex


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