Sunday, 6 February 2011

Sunday Scrapbook

One day last week, whilst I was busy making marmalade in the kitchen, a flash of wings in the garden caught my eye, and a bird of prey was flying in and landed on the bird-feeder. It sent the other little birds scarpering away, and me dashing for my camera. It doesn't have a very good zoom facility, and I still haven't decided which camera to replace it with, but I wish I had done so before. This was the only picture I managed to get. 

The bird sat there for about twenty seconds and I snapped quickly through the window. The flash goes off automatically unless you switch it off and this probably spooked it and frightened it away. (I've managed to crop the flash relection on the window out!)

I think it was either a sparrowhawk or a kestrel, but I don't think a positive identification is possible from this picture. I don't think I've seen a bird like this before in my garden, and although we do get quite a variety, it is probably rather too enclosed for birds of prey to land very often.

Talking of birds of prey, we have a lot of red kites where I live. They are very common here, and I would love to get some decent pictures, but have never succeeded with my current camera. Yet another reason to get a new one...


  1. I think you did well to get the picture you did.We once had an owl in the tree in our garden,i was trying my very best to get a good photo from our bedroom window.i moved forward a bit to get a better shot,the camera tapped on the glass and off it photo.

  2. I think its so nice to watch wildlife out in the garden Janet. My Mother sits for hours watching the Squirrels run up her oak tree.
    I hope you are okay.
    Tried to comment before, wouldn't let me !!
    Hugs Suex


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