Thursday, 3 February 2011

Rabbit rabbit rabbit

It's Chinese New Year - the year of the Rabbit.

When we lived in Malaysia, we saw the Chinese New Year Celebrations. One of the ways of welcoming in the new year is with the Lion Dance - a noisy and lively display of acrobatics and symbolism. So today I thought it appropriate to share a few pictures that we took at a Lion Dance that we saw in Kuala Lumpur.

Petronas Twin Towers in the background.

Lots of drums and cymbals making lots of noise! Said to frighten away the evil spirits!

High acrobatics
There are two people in the lion!
cai ching" (採青), literally means "plucking the greens"

Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous Year of the Rabbit!

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  1. OOH I love these photos Janet, nice to see what others get up to in other parts of the world!
    Thank you for sharing them.
    Thank you also for your comments on the Friendship Blanket. Yes, I'm pleased how its turned out. I shall treasure it.
    Hugs and have a good weekend, Love suex


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