Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Can you have too much marmalade?

It's that time of year again. The shops are selling Seville Oranges for marmalade making. So I bought a bag - one size fits all - 1.5 kilos. Now this is too many oranges to fit into my largest saucepan in one go, so, like last year, I've made two batches.

The first batch was with just Seville Oranges.

To the second batch I added some grapefruit and lemon.

This time I made both batches using the same method - by boiling the fruit first and cutting it up afterwards. I find this much easier than squeezing out the juice, picking out the pips and cutting up the raw fruit- sorry Delia!

Now my store cupboard is quite full!

Twenty and a half jars! (Some of this is from last year.) 

I'll have to try and persuade Mr PL to swap his usual breakfast cereal for toast and marmalade!

So maybe you can have too much marmalade.

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  1. DH loves bittersweet marmalade. He says you can never have too much of the good stuff!


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