Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Weekend wanderings - part 2

After our breezy walk along the beach on Sunday, we felt in need of a calmer interlude and so moved along to another of my favourite spots in Aberdeen - the Winter Gardens in the Duthie Park. The indoor gardens are a treat of colour at all times of the year and contain large collections of bromeliads and giant cacti in the tropical and arid houses.

A splash of cheerful colour in Winter.

The Victorian Corridor is currently lined with cyclamen.

The low winter sun illuminates the Arid House, displaying cacti from around the world.

The Tropical House shows colourful bromeliads and tropical plants that we normally only see as houseplants in the UK.

There was a display of insectivorous plants.
The Aberdeen Coat of Arms.

I really enjoyed visiting some of my favourite places in Aberdeen and I hope you've enjoyed sharing them.



  1. Thank you for posting these lovely pics and bringing a touch of summer colour to white, snow-covered, and today, grey-coloured skies of Ontario!

  2. So nice to see these beautiful photographs. It makes you want the Spring and Summer to come along even quicker now! I do miss colour in the gardens.
    I think sun and colour will do us all the world of good!
    Hugs Suex


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