Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Weekend wanderings - part 1

We spent last weekend in Aberdeen, where we used to live. Although January is not the best time of year to be there, we had some lovely visits to old friends and familiar places. After a late night at a retirement dinner for an old colleague of Mr PL, we were in need of something to blow away the cobwebs. While the rest of the country seemed to be drowning, the north-east of Scotland was in bright sunshine, albeit with gale-force winds! So a walk along the beach promenade at Aberdeen was just the ticket.

The wind was whipping the spray up off the waves.

The red-roofed building on the left is the well-known art-deco Beach Ballroom, said to have one of Scotland's finest dance-floors.

A hardy surfer waits for a wave...

...and just misses his moment! (He did catch some waves, though, but I think he was getting tired by the time I took the photoes, and I was getting too cold standing waiting for him. Goodness knows how cold he was!)

Mr PL (well wrapped up)  takes a look at the surf....

...and the surf wants a closer look at him!

A Sunday morning walk along the beach was always a favourite pastime with us, as it is for many Aberdonians, and it's twice as nice if the sun's shining. The bracing wind is usually present on this north-east coast and it certainly woke us up last Sunday!

Tomorrow I'll show you another favourite haunt, where we went to get out of the wind!



  1. Good evening Janet,
    I love the pictures, feel nippy just looking at them.
    Perhaps you can go back when the weather changes!
    I bet you were freezing!
    Beautiful photography I really enjoyed looking, thanks for sharing,.
    Hugs suex

  2. Great photos. I used to make puppets when I was teaching small children.Retired this year, but I still love them!
    Brrr- looks cold.

  3. I can almost feel the spray stinging my cheeks. Great pics!


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