Sunday, 23 January 2011

Sunday Scrapbook - Second Square

Unlike Dawn, I didn't have any wild countryside pictures to share on today's scrapbook, so I've gone for an alliteration instead.

This is my second square.

Actually there is a mistake which I spotted but couldn't be bothered to go back and correct it. (There's a clue in there. Can you spot it? )

So this is my lifetime's production of granny squares. A number of people have commented that crochet is quite addictive and I can already feel that this is the case. I have a few ideas already for things I can crochet for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. Watch this space!

Have a nice Sunday!


  1. Hi Janet, thanks for joining in this week. Yes, I can see your tiny mistake... but that's the joy of crocheting, you can correct it or ignore it. (And I wouldn't have seen it if you hasn't said anything!!)

  2. Aha! Addicted already! Happy crocheting!

  3. Oh wow! These are fantastic Janet, what a brilliant job you've made of them.
    No. I cant spot the mistake, it doesn't matter anyway, more personal that way.
    So lovely, thank you.
    Hugs Sue

  4. Hi Janet, just popped over from Rattling On - I can't see the mistake ...... but then my crochet skills are basic!! Regards Anne


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