Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sunday Scrapbook - old times

I like to read books about the history of my local area, and particularly like to see old pictures of familiar places. Although I have moved around quite a bit in my younger days, I now live in a village called Burnham, only a couple of mile from where I was born and brought up. I saw this book in my local library recently and borrowed it.

Whilst leafing through it, I came across a section about the village of my childhood, called Cippenham. And this picture caught my eye, because it was from the school I attended as a child.

Mr Kincaid was my teacher in my final year there, when I was 10  or 11. Now the caption implies that the picture was taken in 1955, and so as I'd have only been a year old then, this could not have been my class!

But wait a minute - I took a closer look - and yes - there is a familiar face there.... sister!

Since she is 3 years older than me, she would only have been 4 in 1955, so the caption is clearly wrong. When we attended this school, the age range of the children was about 7 or 8 to 11, and I think Mr Kincaid took the senior class for some years, so my sister would have been about 10 here.

I recognise one or two of the people in the class, and I'm sure my sister will remember more of them than me.

Now I know my sister reads my blog regularly, but she never leaves me a comment. So come on, sis, this is your chance. Who do you recognise?

Dawn from Rattling On... has co-incidentaly scrapbooked about something from the past today - why not pop over and take a look?

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  1. Hi Janet, thanks for joining in this week. You should put your photos on Friends Reunited then people will fill in the missing names for you! Dawn.


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