Thursday, 13 January 2011

Recycled cardigan progress

I am making progress with knitting my recycled cardigan, made with my beautiful Noro wool.

This is the style I selected.

I like the skinny style and the long sleeves, but I don't like the colour in this picture. I also dislike the way the stripes in the wool don't match up across the front. My colours are much nicer, and I've managed to knit the fronts so that the stripes match nicely on each side. So far I'm a happy bunny.
This is the back.

These are the fronts.
I do love knitting with this varigated wool and the colours are really vivid and deep and its so nice to see them gradually changing.

Despite having the correct the amount of wool given in the pattern book, I won't have enough to finish the garment, so I'm a bit dissappointed by that. It's six or seven years since I bought it, and the colour is no longer available. However, I have found some wool that, suprisingly, blends well with the colours in the Noro wool.

(It looks better in real life, honestly!)

So I'm knitting the sleeves and collar in the terracotta wool (Rowan Kid Classic.)  At least I'll have enough Noro wool left over for a nice hat or gloves to match the cardigan. I hope to have it finished before the winter's over!



  1. Oh, I love the colours! How smart to make the front pieces match up--it'll look well designed then. What a shame there's not enough yarn. Hope you're staying warm.

  2. Janet, take a look here

    I can highly recommend this site and maybe your missing colour is there?

  3. Thanks for the tip for finding the wool, Dawn. I had a look but couldn't see my colous there - its so long ago that I don't even have the shade number any more. I'll just continue with plan B, and if it looks awful, I'll unravel it again and make a waistcoat!

  4. I'm sure it will work out beautifully Janet, enjoyed the post as usual.
    Love Suex


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