Saturday, 8 January 2011

Puppet News

Those who read my blog regularly may have noticed a serious lack of anything remotely puppety in the last few months! Shame on me! I finished my last batch of puppets for the 2010 OCC campaign back in October, and since then I've only made one puppet - an extra Mickey Mouse in order to check the pattern before publication.

I do plan to resume puppet production for 2011, but currently I'm occupied with knitting a cardigan for myself using my lovely Noro wool, recycled from an old project and far too good to waste. I will post shortly on progress with that. When that is finished, the Puppet Lady will once again live up to her title!

There are, however, rival, or perhaps I should more correctly say, fellow puppet ladies out there. One of them sent me a lovely little package recently. It was from the kind and talented Linda, of Chalky's World:

I love small, soft parcels, don't you?

It contained a lovely little package, so prettily wrapped and with a sweet little handmade pincushion attached.

And inside was, of course, a puppet!

But this is not just any puppet....

... this is a 'Luvvie Puppet', ...

... with a big red heart full of love behind the little door, to be sent with love for a child to enjoy. This is a spin-off from Linda's creations the Hearties and Luvvies, which she has been making to send to children in Kenya. Do take a look, they're so sweet.

Thank you so much Linda, for starting my 2011 collection. I know you are away travelling at present and I wish you a safe and fabulous trip and a wonderful time with your daughter. I know you'll have something on the needles on your travels, ready to send with love to one of your many worthy charities on your return!


  1. What a nice little surprise package! Knit on!

  2. OOh how nice of Linda! What a gorgeous puppet too. Well I'm sure this will be a good start for your production.
    Such a cute idea!
    Love and hugs Suex


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