Saturday, 22 January 2011

A first!

I've been making my first ever granny square.

Under construction.... (actually this was the second attempt - the first one went a bit wonky)

....and completed!

I'm actually rather pleased that I've started to crochet - I think I did some when I was a younger, but had forgotten how to do it after many years of knitting and embroidery.

I've been inspired to start again by the many colourful and beautiful blogs around - the lovely Lucy at Attic24 was the first that I saw, and many others followed. 

Another place that has spurred me into action is the work of Sue, who's blogs Mrs Twins and SIBOL show all the fantastic work she does in gathering and assembling the efforts of many contributors around the world to make lap blankets for the elderly. She produces blankets at an amazing pace and has made over 50 of them in less than a year, all beautifully acknowledged and photographed on her blogs before they are donated to nursing homes, where they will provide comfort and warmth for the residents. 

This first square that I've made will be going to Sue for one of her many challenges for squares for her worthy project. Number two is already in the making - they say that this crochet lark can become addictive! I'll just have to find or make a pattern now to crochet a puppet - any volunteers?


  1. Well done on your second attempt! Crochet can be very addictive. It grows much quicker than knitting. I bet you will soon be addicted!

  2. Good going! Crocheting is one of those things I promised to teach myself 'one of those days'! I understand it is addictive.....

  3. Thank you for these words Janet, and its lovely you will be one of our 'SIBOLETTES!'
    lOVE sUEX


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