Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Cliveden Winter Walk

I managed to squeeze in a walk yesterday with my friend - today I had toenail surgery, so I won't be walking very much for a few days (hopefully not weeks!) I'm sitting here with my feet elevated, as instructed, with laptop on top of my lap (not something I do very often!). I've had a lovely quiet afternoon, continuing to sew Max, and having cups of tea brought by Mr PL. How nice! But I digress..

Yesterday we decided to see if the snowdrops were showing themselves yet at Cliveden - I have some in my garden already, but was not sure whether they would be out there, as it is higher and more exposed there. There were some bravely poking their pretty heads through the leaves, so we were not disappointed. However, I don't think they're at their peak quite yet, but it was still a joy to see them.

Taking pictures requires strong knees and good eyesight!

Other delights in the woodland walk were the long yellow catkins contrasting with the occasional bits of blue sky...

...and the curious 'eye' in the bark of this beech tree.

At this time of year, with no leaves on the trees, the views across the River Thames to the Berkshire/Buckinghamshire countryside are more easily appreciated than later in the year.

You also notice the misletoe in the trees..

...and then you get a glimpse of the sun on the house in the distance.

The house and gardens are closed to visitors for the winter, so our walk was confined to the woodlands. It reopens on 19th February, with a 'snowdrop walk' advertised, so I think I'll have to go back and see them in their full glory. If my toe is better by then! Must go now before I get laptop burns on my legs!


  1. Love that eye in the beech tree! Also sort of looks like a bird's head, I thought. Nice pics.

  2. It's funny to see Cliveden again .
    I had my first daughter at the hospital round the back and vividly remember the awful cheeseless macaroni cheese from the kitchens .
    A lovely place for a walk , though , and your snowdrop photos are definitely worth the gymnastics involved !

  3. I was born in that hospital, the Royal Canadian Red Cross Memorial Hospital. It is no longer there, but the site is now an up-market housing development for the over 55's! Perhaps I'll retire there and complete the circle!


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