Thursday, 2 December 2010


Winter is upon us! We've been fortunate in that where we live, we've had very little snow. I feel for people in other parts of the country where the weather is having a very disruptive effect.

Last weekend we had a walk on Epsom Racecourse with my in-laws. It was a bright sunny day, but very cold and the wind was bitter. But the views were good, as was the lunch!

Even in the middle of the day the frost refused to melt where the sun had not been on it. No racing today! (I think the racecourse is probably under a few inches of snow now.)

The winter jasmine in my garden is in full flower now - it seems to thrive on this north-facing wall.

It makes a lovely contrast with the cotoneaster horizontalis.

The blackbirds love these bright berries.

I'm always amazed how these delicate little flowers survive the low temperatures.

Well I must go and check on my Christmas cake now, which has been in the oven for 4 hours and making the house smell wonderful! I know its a bit late, but it I'll still have a chance to 'feed' it in time for Christmas.


  1. What a lovely mix of photos -- freezing and hope of flowers blooming so beautifully. Keep warm x

  2. Hello Janet,
    My Mother has a Jasmine bush in her garden, the berries are just unbelievable! Just like yours.
    What are you up to craft wise?
    When do you start your puppets again?
    lOVE sUEX

  3. I haven't made my cake yet either. I ended up putting over half of it out for the birds last year, so not sure whether to make one or not. If not it'll be the first time ever. Colder than ever here and a lot of snow...

  4. Hope the cake turned out well. I'm making individual ones this year, fairy cake size as I always seem to throw half of a large one away.


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