Thursday, 9 December 2010

Too much musing

I've been rather absent from blogland lately. To tell the truth I'm feeling rather overwhelmed with anxiety at the moment. This makes me feel sick, tense and tired. I don't feel like eating or doing anything. Too much time to think about things I suppose, after the activity of the last few weeks.

Next week I have an endoscopy procedure which I am not looking forward to. And today I have just collected my new medication from the pharmacy. Oh well, its only 14 tablets a day. Fourteen! I'll be all day trying to get them down - especially difficult when you're feeling a bit nauseous.

But this will all pass, I trust, and I'll return to blogland soon.


  1. Hello Janet
    I am so sorry that you are feeling well below par at the moment and I think all that cold weather can not be helping!
    I am an absolute wimp where medical procedures are concerned so I totally sympathise with your anxieties.
    I do hope that soon you begin to feel much,much better and I send lots of love and a big hug to you.
    That cheesecake may be delicious but it is SO not slimming so maybe its a good miss.
    When my dear Mum had to take lots of tablets she took them in her yogurt.
    Parcel to you is in my suitcase xx

  2. I agree about the yogurt....the pills seem to slide down more easily. You might like to try some candied ginger for the nausea, or even some ginger root sliced and boiled in water, cooled, and with a bit of honey. My endoscopy went very well (I was out for the whole thing!) and I hope yours does, too. Hope you are feeling better, soon.


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