Monday, 20 December 2010

Nature's decorations

Mother nature is making her own Christmas decorations this year:

A crystal chandelier.

Red baubles in the crab apple tree - until the blackbirds finish them off!


  1. Just beautiful -- We are both obviously relying on Nature this year. Every time I look at our tree I laugh but it smells delicious x Thanks for popping into my little bit of Chalky's World. Love to see you there. Hope you are still continuing to feel a little stronger x

  2. Mother Nature is the best decorator!
    Janet, wishing you and yours a Wonderful Christmas!

  3. Hello Janet,
    I'm sorry I haven't been able to get to you before now.
    Thanks so much for your comments! Very much appreciated.
    I do hope you are having a great Christmas, busy day today cooking wise, once its over its nice to sit back and relax a little.
    Your photos are beautiful. I was looking at moms icicles today on her house, amazing aren't they. Your photos are so nice, dangerous if one fell!
    I shall be glad when the snow has gone now though, had enough of it.
    Have a nice Boxing day,
    and thanks again.
    Love Suex


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