Saturday, 11 December 2010

I've made a start...

Today I was rummaging in my big trunk of sewing/knitting bits and bobs, looking for something, (as you do).  I usually come across something unexpected when I do this, and sure enough, in addition to the thing I was searching for, I found my cross-stitch Christmas cushion.  A labour of love, made a few years ago, but it gives me pleasure to see it come out each year! It's a while since I did so much cross-stitch, but I know I have at least one WIP tucked away somewhere. Must dig that out too....maybe after a visit to the optician, though!

At least I feel I've made a start on Christmas now!


  1. Glad you are feeling better. I love your cushion. I like to do cross stitch but find that the eyes can't take too much of it in one go these days!

  2. That's a beautiful cushion! No wonder it brings you pleasure.

  3. I have a nephew who is 6'4" tall and his baby cross stitch name banner is still in my chest at home !!
    Hope the improvement in your health is still holding up.
    I think of your groups amazing shoe boxes often and I feel warm every time


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