Friday, 26 November 2010

Three good things for Friday

I've been rather busy and preoccupied for the last three weeks with our Operation Christmas Child shoebox campaign, which is now drawing to a close. I haven't had much time or energy for blogging, but I'd just like to share some oddments with you that have made me smile this week.

The first is a lovely craft idea for a gift card, made by the talented Maggie, a shoebox friend. 

 Inside the box on the side are scented tea-lights, which make it smell gorgeous.

The tea-lights are held in place with a ribbon.

A little button adds a finishing touch.

What a sweet and pretty little gift.

The second thing is this video clip sent to me today, which I found most uplifting. Almost makes you want to go out and do that Christmas shopping!

And thirdly, still on the Christmassy theme, this from the one and only Lucy at Attic24 today, which I know many of my readers will already have seen, but if you haven't, you're in for a treat! A real classic!

This weekend I finally get to see the consultant, regarding my liver condition which was diagnosed a few weeks ago. I was promised at the time that I'd be referred on the same day that I left hospital, and see the specialist within 2 weeks. It seemed a bit ambitious at the time. It was. After two weeks of waiting for an appointment, I began to chase things and discovered that my hospital had ommitted to make the referral. It took couple of weeks for them to do that, but to cut a long story short, I now have an appointment tomorrow morning. At least I am feeling well now, if a little tired. Maybe I've just been overdoing the shoebox work, but its all in a good cause and better than moping at home!

Have a good weekend, everyone!


  1. I hope all goes well at the hospital --- Will give the puppet "luvvies" and "hearties" some Chalky thought!!

  2. Hi Linda, was lovely to meet you last week at the church - I thoroughly enjoyed helping out and I've got some great ideas for our church kids to use next year. So, out with the craft stuff again and time to get busy! Hope your appointment goes well.


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