Monday, 1 November 2010

Saying "Bye bye"

Today was a little bit sad as it was time to say "bye bye" to my puppets. I made a  pledge to knit 100 puppets for the shoebox charity, Operation Christmas Child. I so enjoy knitting my little puppets, as each of them is unique and I try to make them into a little character.

So I always feel a little bit sad when I have to say goodbye to them. So does Mr Puppet Lady (even though he continues to complain about the amount of wool I have stashed away!) However, I try to think of the joy and happiness that my puppets will hopefully bring to their recipients at Christmas time and then I don't feel so bad about saying 'Goodbye'.

Today I put them all in a big bag and took them along to our final craft afternoon. Next week our campaign moves into its most active phase - all the shoeboxes donated have to be collected, checked and packed into cartons ready for dispatch. This takes place at a local church which acts as a warehouse  for the surrounding area. Over the next three or four weeks we hope to process many thousands of shoeboxes.


  1. Wonderful.just wonderful. As I have said before there will be soooooo many happy faces when they open the box and find 1 of your puppets.

  2. Hi I just found your blog via do you mind if I knit and was fascinated by your name of puppet lady, WOW what a wonderful and very special thing to do. Well done on knitting 100 puppets I am sure the children who receive these will be over the moon xox

  3. It's lovely that you have put so much into your puppets that you feel sad to have to say goodbye to them. I am sure that the children getting them will feel this when they get them in the boxes. I do hope it goes well for you at your depot and you never know I might just turn up there one day!

  4. Just imagine all the children around the world that will receive one one your lovely handmade puppets! x


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