Sunday, 7 November 2010

OCC Maidenhead Campaign Launch

Yesterday afternoon's OCC campaign launch was a great success and a wonderful start to the Operation Christmas Child campaign in Maidenhead. We were delighted that so many people decided to join us for the afternoon - 88 people signed our list of attendees, which was a record number.

Welcoming smiles on arrival from Maggie and Janet

More shoeboxes arrived too.

The hall was just about full.

We were entertained by two talented young singers - unfortunately the room was so full that I couldn't get a better picture, for which I apologise! 

Our campaign leader, Doreen, kept the proceedings very well organised!

Julia and Maggie explain what should and should not go into a shoebox.

Our guest speaker, Diana, tells the story of how receiving a shoebox as a child in Romania affected her. She still has Martin, her shoebox bear, to help relate her tale.

Some fireworks help the cakes go with a bang! We were celebrating the 20th anniversary of Operation Christmas Child.

Doreen and Diana pose for the press - we're always happy to get some good publicity! (Another member of our team, Lynne, was talking on local radio this morning about the shoebox campaign.)

A good time was had by all generations!


  1. What a wonderful culmination to a wonderful year. Good Luck with 2011

  2. Thank you Linda!
    Actually, the busiest part of 2010 starts now, and for the next 3 weeks we'll be checking and packing shoeboxes in Maidenhead ready for despatch! But of course we'll be back again next year!

    Thank you for your support!


  3. What a great turn out!!! I think lots of people like to do 'their bit' but aren't quite sure where to start! Hopefully the campaign will grow over the coming years! x

  4. I lived in Maidenhead for 45 years and wish I had been there for such a fantastic launch & have been looking at the pictures to see if I recognise anyone. I've only just heard about OCC again through Plymouth City WI which I've joined just too late for this year! My mother used to do it through her magazine and I thought it had stopped so am very pleased to have found it again. Well done everyone!!


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