Friday, 19 November 2010

Don't believe everything in the papers!

I've been a member of Slough Philharmonic Chorus for a little over a year now. We have been rehearsing this season for 2 concerts, one tomorrow and one on 18th December. I've been enjoying singing again after a few years' break and am really looking forward to tomorrow's concert. It is mainly an orchestral concert and the orchestra has a very good reputation, so I will look forward to sitting back and listening to them. The choir's part in this concert is singing in the Polovtsian Dances from the opera Prince Igor by Borodin. It is a feisty and exciting piece of music, also featuring some elegant and beautiful slower passages. (This is the original work which some years ago, became a popular song "Stranger in Paradise" from the musical "Kismet" which was based on the story of the Polovtsian Dances.)

A few weeks ago, the choir's publicity officer took some photos to send to the press to publicise our event, and this piece appeared in last week's local paper. We made sure that we looked as if we were really singing together, and even that we were all holding the same piece of music!

Its just a pity that Mozart is not actually featured on the programme of the concert being publicised! Oh well, you musn't believe everything you see in the newspapers!

(For anyone local reading this who would like to attend, the concert is tomorrow, 20th November 2010. As it is rather a short time to get tickets now, you will be able to buy them at the door at The Centre, Farnham Road, Slough.)

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  1. Good luck with the concerts! Thank you for visiting my blog. Yes,you're right - Chalky certainly is a very generous and thoughtful lady!



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