Sunday, 24 October 2010

Sunday Scrapbook

Last Sunday, (before my awful week began!) we visited the Air Forces Memorial at Runnymede as part of a lovely walk in the autumn sunshine. The memorial is a moving tribute to the 20,000 airmen and women who lost their lives in the second world war and have no known graves. Situated on a hill, there are commanding views from an observation tower for miles around. 

The approach to the memorial is flanked by rows of sweet chestnut trees. 

At this time of year they are, of course laden with their wonderful spiky fruits that contain the nuts. They were in abundance both on and under the trees last week.

Joining Dawn and Lesley in this week's Sunday Scrapbook.


  1. Lovely colours! And nice weather too...Dawn

  2. So glad you are feeling up to posting -- and what a lovely post. Best Wishes Linda

  3. Lovely green chestnut covers! I hope you are feeling better and recovered from your rotten week!

  4. Hello Janet,
    Thanks for popping over to my blog and leaving such lovely comments.
    OOh dear now what have you been up to! Sorry to hear you have'nt been feeling very well. I do hope you are feeling better? I have really enjoyed reading your last post. It looks such a tranquil place.
    The photos you have put up are really lovely. Nice to get out in the fresh air. Going quite nippy now with these early morning frosts, but Mr. Twins said its going warmer. I do hope so. Well as long as we dont have any of that white stuff! I can put up with the cold.

    Take care of yourself now.
    Love suex

  5. Oh I hope you're feeling better!
    What a very beautiful and moving memorial. Is there any significance in the rows of sweet chestnuts, other than their beauty?


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