Friday, 8 October 2010

Craft Group Afternoon - bits and pieces

In November our Operation Christmas Child Campaign begins. This is the time when collections are made from public drop-off points, schools, churches and other organisations that have been active in putting together their shoeboxes. They are brought to our satellite warehouse at the United Reformed Church in Maidenhead. All the boxes are then checked and put into cartons ready for shipping to their destination countries.

This month's Craft Group meeting saw us finishing off some bits and pieces in preparation for the busy weeks ahead.

 Making rolls of paper and sharpening pencils!

Wrapping shoeboxes in Christmas paper.

Filling purses and bags with little girlie gifts.

Some last minute knitting

Decorating tennis balls tubes which will be filled with paper and pencils.

Job done!


  1. oOh Janet, what an interesting post!
    I've just loved reading about the project.
    Well done to you all, and I see its a nice way for the Elderly to join in.
    Hugs and Love and keep up the great work,

  2. Community service, especially for those in need, is so heartwarming for both the recipient and the gifter. I love to see posts like this. Kudos to all the members of the craft group who give of their time and talents to bring joy to others!

  3. Lovely ideas, thanks very much, I like crocheting more than knitting so may adapt the purse idea. You mentioned wanting more puppet ideas for knitting, I have seen a magazine recently in the shops with patterns, may be worth looking around. Also when I googled puppets kniting patterns, lots of sites came up with free patterns, just an idea, hope it helps. Carry on with the great work, God bless you, Lynne

  4. what and amazing post. You ladies really do deserve a medal for all the hard work you put in.


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