Thursday, 30 September 2010

Latest puppets

I'm still on track to complete my 100 puppets by Sunday.  This set has bobbles as it's theme. I have 3 different sorts of bobbly wool and have combined those with toning or contrasting colours. Unfortunately the bobbles all seem to end up on the wrong side and I have to pull them through.  Here are the latest puppets.

The one with blue stripes was made using the wool that Chalky sent me last week.

This red stripy one is made with some wool that I received from Karen in a givaway some time ago.

I rather like this raspberry colour with the multi-coloured bobbly wool.

It is special to make things using wool that people have generously sent to me and I'm sure that they'll be happy to know that it's being put to good use.


  1. Hi Hun.
    I 'm sorry I haven't popped by in such a long time.
    I'm glad ur putting the wool to such good use.
    Good luck with reaching ur 100 puppets target although I'm sure you don't need it. You'll do it no problem.
    hope u are well and I promise i'll pop by again soon
    ((( hugs)))

  2. So glad the ball of wool has been turned into a beautiful puppet at your clever hands. Lovely "red"ideas
    Love Linda

  3. Hi Janet,
    Looking at your puppets,its amazing how they all look so different with the use of a variety of different colours you are using.
    Well done, you are addicted to puppets like I am to blankets.
    great fun isnt' it?
    love suex

  4. I was reading your previous posts and was unable to comment so I've come back on this one Janet.
    that Custard Cottage is just unbelieveable! The garden too, just so delightful.
    I was also looking at your mosaic of your puppets, absolutely amazing.
    I agree with you though, isn't it hard to do your craft and read all the blogs.
    I find it hard at the moment getting round to everyone, when I have 3 blogs, 90 Ladies in around 17 or 18 countries and piles of squares to take care of. But you know I love it!!
    Thanks for your wonderful comments as usual on the 31st Blanket.
    Love to you Suex

  5. Well done, almost there. Until you start again!


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