Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Craft Afternoon for Operation Christmas Child

Yesterday saw the monthly meeting of our lovely group of crafters who make items to fill shoeboxes for children for the charity Operation Christmas Child.

This month it was my turn to lead the group in making some items out of simple knitted squares. This was an idea that came to me after some knitted squares were donated to the group. All the ladies joined in with enthusiasm, sewing the squares together...

...making twisted cords...

...and of course drinking some tea at the same time...

... and having a good natter!

One clever lady, Joyce, had already made a number of lovely bags at home, but we managed to add a few more to her contribution and had an enjoyable afternoon too. More litle gifts for little girls at Christmas. Thank you to all our crafters for coming this month.


  1. I arrived here just surfing. Congratulations on Your nicest blog, that I’ll be visiting again, from time to time.
    Best wishes from an Estonian living in Italy

  2. Janet what a wonderful group task. I know you won't mind -- I have copied that idea for the little purses for my elderly aunt who packs Operation Christmas Child each Year-- Just spreading the love!!!

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