Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Country Life

After a quiet walk in the nearby countryside last weekend,

seeing quite a few young grouse along the way

we were aiming for this pretty pub with thoughts of lunch in mind.

The White Horse in the village of Hedgerley. The building dates from 1679 and has kept its character as a country local serving a good range of real ales served by gravity straight from the barrel. It has regularly won the area Pub of the Year award from the Campaign for Real Ale.

It always has a spectacular display of hanging baskets and flowers. As we approached the pub, normally a quiet spot, we could hear music and laughter and were met with this, very traditionally english sight.

The Woodside Morris Men were giving a lunchtime performance.

So we had a lovely lunch whilst enjoying the unexpected entertainment. A perfect way to end a Sunday walk and to celebrate Mr. Puppet Lady's birthday.

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  1. Happy Birthday to Mr P. That makes me think of Totnes -- Have you ever been there. DD2 ( It's all about her at the moment!!!!!) worked in a pub there called the Albert. It is actually a micro brewery and one evening the Morris Dancers came in for a pint after there stint in the town. An argument between them all ensued and there was a fight with all the sticks flying--- She thought it was hilarious!!


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