Sunday, 22 August 2010

Sunday Scrapbook

Today I've joined Rattling On's Sunday Scrapbbook.

We have a  lot of parakeets around here, noisily squawking their colourful way across the skies.

This week we found this in the garden:

We were not sure what caused it's demise - it was possibly attacked by crows or magpies. It may even have been taken out by a naughty neighbour, trigger happy with an air-gun. It certainly was not just 'tired and shagged out after a long squawk';) [UK readers of a certain age will remember this - you either love it or hate it!]


  1. Beautiful colour. Sometimes they really do just drop off their perch...

  2. It is an ex parakeet, it has ceased to be!

  3. Maybe it was just old age. I hope so.

  4. Poor parrot, in my experience as an eminem ornithologist (the rapping birdwatcher) I think the parrot probably got blinded by the shine off the patio (especially if it was wet) and flew into the antlers and impaled itself. to prevent this happening again, please put some anti sheeen sand on the patio, or maybe some corks on the tips of the antlers.

  5. Perhaps it was desperately longing for home!


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