Thursday, 12 August 2010

Dorney Lake

I can't believe that another week has flown by since my last post. We've been hard at work finishing off the patio, having sacked the builder last week. I'm pleased to say that we're almost there now, and pleased with the results, but more of that another day. 

Today I had a good walk and natter with my friend at another local favourite walking venue, Dorney Lake. This is an artificial rowing lake built by Eton College over a ten year period and completed in 2006. It will be the venue for the 2012 Olympic rowing and kayaking. It was strange to think, as we walked around the quiet and peaceful lake, that in two years time, things would be looking very different. It was rather a dull and windy day today, rather different from what we've been used to, so the lake was not looking at its best. I will return on a sunny day and try to do it justice, because it just sparkles in the sunshine.

On the left is the main rowing channel and on the right is the warm-up/return channel.

You get a good view of Windsor Castle from certain points around the lake, and there are usually plenty of planes taking off from Heathrow, the only thing that spoils the peace.

This family of swans were having a good preen on the banks of the warm-up channel. Quite a large clutch of seven cygnets.

The boat-house.

The bridge over the warm-up channel has been recently expanded prior to 2012. The finishing tower is to the right.

The swans were bobbing gracefully on the waves. In the distance the sheep graze the still scorched grass, whilst canada geese and goslings form flocks. Later in the year this is quite a gathering place prior to their migration. An arboretum has also been developed on the site, which makes a pleasant and interesting alternative to walking on the tarmac track beside the lake. The River Thames also runs parallel and skirts one end of the lake, so this is another variation for walking.

A final glimpse back to the boat-house, and as the lake is 2 km in length, we are more than three-quarters of the way round and looking forward to a tasty lunch at a nearby garden centre!



  1. A totally new area to me . It looks lovely and there is nothing nicer than a bit of " jaw jogging!" with a friend. Hope lunch was lovely. How are the matelot puppets coming on?
    Kindest Regards Linda

  2. How exciting and beautiful. Enjoy the peace before the Olympics start. Have a great day Janet.

  3. Good Evening Janet,
    Nice to see some photos of your part of the world! Gorgeous.
    The patio story goes on then.....
    It'll be Winter before you get it finished.
    Just looking at your Live Traffic feed so interesting. I've tried a few times to install one. no joy for some reason. You have to pay I think too?
    Have a nice evening what ever you are doing! Dont work too hard at the weekend!
    Hugs Suex


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