Tuesday, 17 August 2010


This week is one for completions. Firstly, there's a set of ten puppets completed. The blue set - Linda, of Chalkey's World, tried to encourage me to knit a nautical theme. Apart from being blue, I think I may have failed on that count, but they're a cheerful bunch anyway. At least some of them have quite dark faces, like a weather beaten matelot, don't you think?

Next on the completion list is, of course, that patio!

Last weekend, with a bit of help, we filled the flower beds with our lovely topsoil, and mulched the rest of the garden with mushroom compost.

Yesterday I took the opportunity of a couple of days of dry weather to do one of the final tasks - seal the paving to protect it from the weather.

Luckily I managed to get two coats applied in the afternoon and evening, because it rained again during the night. But at least we know the sealer works now.

All that remains now is to fill these gaps around the edge...

... with these cobbles.

And it's done!


  1. Janet those puppets turned out great. I know that children will love them. As to your patio, it's realllllllly coming along.

  2. The patio is looking good! Hope you get lots of opportunity to sit out there.


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