Tuesday, 13 July 2010

New Puppet Lady

A while ago, I received an email from Marion, an old friend from Aberdeen, who had seen my blog and website and had been inspired by them to start knitting puppets. Marion has emailed me since to say how much she has been enjoying knitting puppets and is going to send them to me for the shoebox charity Opeation Christmas Child. In the meantime she has send me a photo of the puppets she's knitted so far.
Well done, Marion, they look just great and will put smiles on the faces of many a child when they receive their Christmas shoeboxes. Keep up the good work!

Down here in southern England our hot spell seems to have broken at last, and the patio builders are  finally back today. (They only managed to work for one rather short day last week. We've been getting really fed up of the mess they leave and the fact that we've not been able to use the garden without falling over their tools and materials. And the fact that they don't turn up when they say they will and ...no, I won't go there.) 

We're hoping that the bulk of the work will be done and the mess cleared away by the end of today.  Make that tomorrow now, as it's already late afternoon! For the last few weeks we've been yearning for a good downpour to fill up the water butts and freshen the garden. Up till now we've only had a couple of light showers.  Ironically, now that some heavy rain is forecast, we're hoping that it won't come for just a little longer yet, as the patio now has to be pointed. This needs time to dry or else it will be washed away in heavy rain. At least they've cleared the mess from our driveway - they've just moved it into the road!
Look how brown the grass is:((

Changing the subject, on the knitting front, I am currently taking a short break from knitting puppets. Instead, I've been rattling off a few snakes...... sorry about that one!

I'll probably do 40 for now, then go on to something else. I have a liking for round figures, I think.

I hope to have better patio news in a day or two - fingers crossed for me, please!

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  1. What lovely puppets and it is so lovely that you are inspiring others in your wonderful Charity work
    Kindest Regards Linda


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