Saturday, 3 July 2010

Little miracles in the garden

The garden has been under seige for the last couple of weeks, due to both the heat and the new patio being built. Hopefully the patio will be finished this week and the mess will be cleared up. Because I just hate mess, and especially I hate skips!
 Just awful!

But I am consoling myself with a few little miracles that make me smile in the garden. The first is a lavatera shrub that we moved a couple of weeks ago to another part of the garden to make way for the patio. We thought we might lose it, as it was just about to burst into bloom. I took some cuttings and we pruned it right back, dug it up and moved it. We left a few bits of growth, just to see what it would do, and hey presto, if it hasn't burst into bloom already!
Another plant which bowls me over with is beauty is this stunning delphinium, with its 'designer' two-tone colour scheme of  'eau de nil' and lilac. I just love it.
It's only got one flower spike and is not a particularly vigerous plant - if anyone has any advice on how to treat them and propagate them, I'd be very grateful.

Here's another suprise - our lime tree has lots of new flowers. Of the three citrus trees that we bought recently the lime seems to be doing the best at the moment, which is ironic as we didn't actually order a lime tree - it was sent in error by the mail order company! The orange and lemon trees aren't showing any signs of fruiting yet, but we should have a lime at least!

Lastly, there's that little miracle that has started to appear every evening now as the sun goes down - the evening primrose. Ok, I suppose they are something of a weed, but I find it fascinating to watch them pop into bloom each evening, so we let a few of the myriad seedlings stay in the ground each year. One minute they're not there, and a few minutes later, there they are with their delicate, lemony, short-lived flowers. They seem to glow, as if trying to prolong the daylight.
Have a nice evening, everyone.



  1. Hi Janet,
    I think the Delphinium is my favourite, just look at the two tones in it.Simply stunning.
    Your flowers are really pretty. Isn't it fascinating to see how they change?
    Well now the box......I'm sure you have guessed whats inside! You are the only one that has asked!
    Wool. Yes you've probably thought of that.
    We needed somewhere to keep the wool. My Blankets aren't kept in there neither are peoples squares they have their own place, but the wool definitely needed somewhere. So its inside in plastic bags. It doesn't leak, the rain has already tested that out. But its great because when I sit in the Conservatory I just pop outside to get more wool. My Hubby even got me a key! I had to laugh!
    Anyway, dinner I think needs preparing, many thanks for popping over. I bet you cant wait to use your beautful new patio!
    Hugs Suex

  2. A great post. You have some beautiful flowers in your garden. Thank you for your comments on my blog and for your email. I don't know why you are having problems posting but I do at least get your lovely comments!

  3. Limes, you are lucky. Nothing like that will grow round here!


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