Thursday, 22 July 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen

Today I escaped from the patio madness for a very much welcome and long-postponed walk with my friend. We've both been undergoing bouts of building work over the last couple of months and have missed our walks, so it was lovely to catch up, even though we did spend it bit too much time trading building stories. It helps to have a bit of a moan sometimes, as long as you know when to stop.

It wasn't a very adventurous walk, just a stroll around the lakes and canals where she lives and lunch in a nice little cafe. What was unusual about it was that WE GOT WET and we didn't care! So lovely to see a bit of rain in these parts as everything is still very parched down here in the south east. I know there are parts of the country that have had too much rain and wouldn't it be nice if it was more evenly spread?

My camera was buried in the bottom of my thief-proof handbag and I was too lazy to get it out whilst walking. However, after lunch I spotted this as we left the cafe, on the doors of the Ladies and Gents!

How cute is that? Sorry about the poor photos but I just had to get a picture!

What motivates you to get your camera out??

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  1. What a wacky idea! Oh you made me laugh! I know we desperately need the rain the gardens are quite dry. What amazes me (I was saying to mom earlier) is that after a downpour, you still have to water the baskets because the rain wets the leaves and flower heads, but doesn't touch the soil underneath.
    Your work is still going on.....Taking a while...Summer will be over!

    Thanks for visiting me again, much appreciated!
    Hugs and Love suex


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