Monday, 26 July 2010

Good Neighbours

All our neighours have been very tolerant and understanding over the past few weeks of patio palaver. One couple has kindly allowed us to park in their driveway, out of harm's way. They probably thought, as we did, that it would be for a couple of weeks at the most, but here we are, now into the sixth week already. With work progressing at about one day per week over the last three weeks, things are dragging on. And it is this lack of speed that has actually made the job even longer, because all that remains now is to correct a problem that has arisen because our 'feature wall' was built by different  people on different days with different mixes of mortar, so it's no suprise that the result is a patchwork of different coloured pointing!
Now patchwork is fine if you're talking quilts or blankets, but not when you're talking feature brick walls. So today the whole wall is getting raked out ready for re-pointing - a horrible job, covering the lovely new patio with dust again after we spent the weekend cleaning it!
I pity the poor chap who's been given this job - it's the fault of his boss that he has to do it.

However the good news is that the patio itself was pointed last week, and it looks as if the contractors don't have much work this week, so we're hoping the wall will soon be fixed and the job will be finally finished shortly! Fingers crossed!

As I said, our neighbours have shown great tolerence and understanding over the last five weeks, and we are very grateful for that.  At the weekend we were invited to come and view a prize hydrangea by one of them, and indeed it was a spectacularly dazzling white and fluffy one. They are right to feel proud of it, and their very pretty garden.
I thought I would show our appreciation for their patience by making this collage for them. Isn't it nice to have good neighbours?

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