Saturday, 17 July 2010

Almost there!

I'm pleased to report that the patio is almost there! Apart from a couple of small things, all the building work is completed. However, as I said in my last post, we are still waiting for a suitable dry weather window so that the final pointing can be done. Whilst we've been grateful for the two or three heavy downpours we've received in the past couple of days, we're hoping for some dry days early next week so that the job can be completed. At least the builders have largely tidied up now, which is an enormous relief - we can get our car on the driveway, if not quite back in the garage yet!
Its looking quite good, and even better with the hanging baskets back in place. The back doorstep is still not finished, and the bed in front of the wall will be filled with topsoil and leafmould once the builders have dug out the rubbish from building the wall. The wall has still to be properly pointed also.
We're pleased with the little path in front of the conservatory.
My husband spent some time today gathering rubble from the new flowerbeds because it is a well know fact that builders will just dump topsoil on top of anything!
So now the raised bed is ready to be filled with some lovely soil and plants...
....but not until the builders have removed this messy lump of concete.
Now we're on the lookout for a nice new table and chairs to fill this space.

On the knitting front I can at least report a completion - 40 snakes! Here are the latest ones.
Now I think I'll go back to puppets for a while - I'm getting withdrawal symptoms!



  1. Janet...what a lovely area. I'll bet you will have alot of fun decorating it.

  2. How strange to see your dried up grass. It's been raining for well over a week here and shows no sign of stopping. Love the patio!


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