Monday, 21 June 2010

Week off - and all the "W"s.

Last week I had a week away from blogging, mainly because my husband had a week off work. It was a 'stay-at-home-and-potter-and-go-out-for-some-day-trips" kind of holiday, with a number of d-i-y jobs caught up on, both in the house and garden, and some lovely walks and trips to somewhere different. 

Here's a little flavour:

A walk along the River Thames to Windsor 

I love watching the boats in the locks - this one is Boveney Lock near Dorney.
Plenty of these on the river.
Windsor Castle, viewed from 'The Brocas' on the Eton side of the river.
The Long Walk, in Windsor Great Park - 3 miles from the Castle to the Copper Horse statue at the far end (but we didn't walk it this time.)
This splendid carriage and horses, complete with bugle horn and folk in their finery, came thundering by.
A little bit of family history - my grandmother lived in this house which is a stone's throw from the castle gate. Her father was a policeman and used to stand on duty outside the castle.
Ah yes, Her Majesty was in residence.
A walk from Bradenham To West Wycombe
This lovely walk visited two Chiltern villages, Bradenham and West Wycombe, both of which are in the care of the National Trust.
The Village Green at Bradenham, with cricket pitch marked out. The rolling green Chiltern Hills in the distance.
Woodland flowers.
Woodland walk.
West Wycombe village.
The beautiful West Wycombe Park beyond the village. (We'll save that visit for another time.)
Far reaching views over Wycombe from West Wycombe Hill.
A teashop with the best views in the Chilterns....
....and some welcome refreshments!


An afternoon at Cliveden

We spent an afternoon at Cliveden which is very close by and one of our favourite spots. This time we visited the house, which is only open to the public on certain days, and we had never been inside before. Photographs inside the house were not allowed, but there was plenty of interest outside.

The maze recreation is well under way, and a viewing platform has been erected.
The Clock Tower (which was also once a water tower.)
Lush and colourful long borders.
Summer planting on the Parterre.
And of course some refreshments in the tea-room!


A day trip to Worthing

I love the sea-side, and sadly we live a long way inland, so I always look forward to a day-trip to the sea-side. This time we chose Worthing in West Sussex, a fairly traditional south coast sea-side resort.


At the end of our week I realised that most of the places we visited started with a 'W' - Windsor, West Wycombe, Worthing. Purely coincidental.

We had a lovely time both at home and away, and oh, I completed four more puppets too.

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  1. Oh Goodness me, you seemed to do such a lot in one week.
    I just love Windsor.
    Do you know I love mazes. We used to go to the one at Symonds Yat years ago with the girls. Great fun getting lost.
    Thank you for your comments!
    Love Suex


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