Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Progress with puppets and patio

It is getting a little warm here. We shouldn't complain should we, but if you want to find some tips on how to keep your house cool in this warm weather, why not pop over to my brother-in-law's blog. He is an energy consultant and often has useful tips on saving energy.

It was a warm weekend of concerts, both performing and spectating, and a lovely family picnic in a park in Newbury whilst the rest of the country watched in dismay at England's demise. As the majority of our group were scottish, we were not too bothered and went on to watch a cracking concert given by a scottish band called Blazin' Fiddles. On Saturday evening I also perfomed in a summer concert of popular spirituals and classic songs by Gershwin, Cole Porter and others, given by the Slough Philharmonic Society Chorus. The concert was a sell-out and a fun and happy evening.

This week we're back to seeing the new patio take shape, though it's warm work for the builders. It's beginning to look like an inviting outdoor space already.
I can already see us enjoying a bar-b-q.

Finally, I have finished another set of 10 clown puppets, all in yellow and different shades of blue. That makes a total of 70 this year. I plan to work on a few snakes now, for a change.


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  1. Hiya hunni
    Just popped over to catch up with you. Look's like you've been really bust too.
    I love the new Batch of puppets I can't believe how quickly you can make them!!!
    Hope you are well


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