Wednesday, 26 May 2010


The warm weather we've been having over the last few days has brought on a number of the warmer hues in the garden. The first courgette flower - one of many I hope - we love to grill courgettes on the bar-b-que - with a slice of haloumi cheese. 

The first rose of the season.

The self-sewn orange and sometimes yellow poppies that appear each year. I spread the seed around to other parts of the garden now, but they seem to favour our 'naughty corner' at the bottom of the garden where we keep the leafmound bin, logs and other detritus from the garden.

The colourful geums.

The lovely red and yellow broom that blends with the warm colour of the fence.

And finally, my favourite - the oriental poppy. This is the first one to appear, with its petals still crumpled up and the pod discarded on the ground.

Hope your day is warm and sunny.

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  1. Must be better all round in your neck of the woods. We don't even have rose buds yet, let alone flowers!


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