Wednesday, 19 May 2010

A very suprising garden visitor

We get our share of wildlife visiting the garden, which always gives great pleasure. Most often it is the usual garden birds - blackbirds, woodpeckers, robins, magpies, jays, tits, most of which I am not quick enough to photograph with my simple little camera. We see a lot of red kites around here as well but I have not been lucky enough to get a picture of one yet.
(The magpies made a very good attempt at scarifying the grass!)

Sometimes it is something a little more unexpected in a garden, like this pair of ducks a few weeks ago.

So imagine our suprise to see this on the fence after dinner last night.

A white peacock, (or maybe it's a hen, I am not sure.)

Shortly after these pictures were take it flew up into our large oak tree and settled down for the night. The light was fading by then, so the pictures are not so good.
This morning, to our suprise, it was still in the tree...

Just before lunch it flew onto the garage roof and into the neighbour's front garden, and seemed quite friendly and unafraid.
A most unusual sight, and very odd that it hung around for so long! We don't know where it is now, but camera is at the ready in case it pays a return visit.


  1. Did you see my TV programme on 'alien invaders' last week? I will make the pea-fowl number 11 on the good invaders list.

    They originate from India you know, and white ones are not common.

  2. Sir Percy Lostavian19 May 2010 at 20:19

    Oh how wonderful! - you've found my pea-hen. She just flew off the other day and we've been searching all over for her.

    Do get in touch as we'd love to get her back. The children miss her so much!

  3. I've had a pheasant in the garden, but I think your visitor trumps that. I think it would die of exposure if it lived here!

  4. I would have been very happy with the ducks,but a peacock!.wow


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