Friday, 28 May 2010

Ten more

Puppet knitting has been rather slow of late, I have to confess. I've been thinking about why this is and there are several factors involved.
  1. The time of year - there's so much to do in the garden at this time of year that I tend to spend my afternoons more in the garden than knitting, as I did earlier in the year.
  2. For the same reason, we often have a walk in the evenings after dinner, so my evening knitting time is also reduced.
  3. Hubby joined a gym earlier this year and on weekdays, he sometimes goes to an early evening class. This means that we eat later, and so my evening knitting time is again reduced. (I often try to do a few rows while cooking the dinner, but it's never very productive.)
  4. Summer is just not a good time for snuggling up with the needles, somehow. And definitely not if the weather is very hot.
Well, that's enough of excuses - at last I can now report that another set of 10 teddies is now complete - this is the set that I started when on holiday back in March, although I have knitted some other fluffy teddies since then.

Here is the latest lot:

They look rather plain in the picture, but each one is knitted in a different stitch and has different embellishment, although they all use the same wool, which is varigated from pale yellow to pale green. This wool came from a cardigan that my dear mother knitted some years ago, so I suppose they'll be called "Mum's teddies". I decided do this set on holiday in order to avoid taking too many different balls of wool with me. Being a light colour, they do not photograph easily, and this is the best I could do.

Here's another attempt:

So that's 59 teddies knitted so far. I have started knitting the final puppet in my series of 10 little characters which I have posted previously here, here, here, here and here. Don't worry if you can't be bothered to follow all these links - once the set's completed I'll post the whole set, and that will make 60 puppets in all.

Then it will be time to start a brand new set which I am looking forward to.

I'm also looking forward to the weekend, because we've nothing much planned, for a change, apart from celebrating my birthday. Fingers crossed that Hubby will have a nice suprise of some sort prepared:))

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Thanks for popping over to have a little peep at our latest journeys-- Its lovely to hear from you xx I think the latest teddies are lovely xx


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