Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Tartan Trims for a Celebration Ceidlidh

Last weekend my sister-in-law celebrated her 50th with a Ceidlidh. To help mark the celebration I have been busy over the last weeks making some tartan trims for the family members. The idea came about last Christmas after I'd made these bow ties for my nephew.

Someone suggested that it would be a good idea to have bow-ties in the McGregor tartan, this being the family clan. So I purchased some tartan - Modern Hunting McGregor colours, as this would match the tartan waistcoats that some of the family already own. There are, however, many different colour combinations of the McGregor tartan.

I got busy cutting out, carefully planning the cutting so that the ties would be symetrical.

I had quite a production line going.

This was the first one finished. Only five more to go!

But what to do for the ladies? I had some ideas about making a corsage for them. I cut out some circles of tartan fabric and gathered them around the edge.

I knitted some centre pieces in matching wool and a little bit of silvery sparkle too. 

They just needed something to finish off the centres, so I bought these ribbon roses. (I know its cheating, really, but they're better than I could have made myself.)

So here is the finished corsage, with a pin sewn on the back.

Close up.

Six of each.

Packed in a box and labelled. (We decided to pre-tie the bow ties as not everyone is adept at tying one.)

Here we all are, ready for a jolly time.

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