Friday, 16 April 2010

Sky gazing

The Icelandic volcano has certainly caused a stir here in the UK. Of course the unprecedented shutdown of airspace has caused headache, heartache and inconvenience for thousands of people, not least my poor hubby who is stuck in the Netherlands. He's hoping to get home on Eurostar tomorrow, but I'll expect him when I see him! Poor dear!

But every cloud has a silver lining, and I've been having a nice quiet day here. I've been gazing at the sky. Living only a few miles from London's Heathrow Airport, you become accustomed to some aircraft noise, so when it stops - it's so peaceful!

Like a breath of fresh air! 

Not only that, the sky looks so different - no vapour trails - just some puffy white clouds amid large expanses of blue sky, like mother nature intended!

Clear blue sky!


And the garden's getting colourful too.

I spotted these delicate early bluebells popping up behind the bright tulips.

Have a good weekend, everyone, wherever you are!


  1. Been hearing so much about that volcano shutting down air traffic! Best wishes!

  2. What beautiful pictures. When we travelled to London from Devon last year we visited Kew Gardens. I oved it but could not believe how many aeroplanes were flying over --- Enjoy the peace and don't miss your husband too much
    Kindest Regards Linda

  3. Well Janet, you'll be pleased that I'm home. The journey wasn't too bad - hi-speed Thalys train from The Netherlands to Brussels, and the Eurostar to London through the channel tunnel. I think we were lucky that we reserved seats on Thursday when things first started to go wrong.I heard on the BBC that if you try to get a seat on a train now - you might have to wait for several days.

    In the end it wasn't a bad journey. We had reserved seats on the trains, we were served nice food and wine, and we even had access to the internet at times. Although I do feel sorry for all of those people who didn't act quickly, and weren't on expenses!

    I must say it's great to be back home after an unexpectedly long trip.


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