Monday, 12 April 2010

A modern hunt for treasure

Yesterday we spent a lovely spring day in the sunshine with my brother-in-law and family trying out my brother-in-law's new toy - a GPS - and a new activity - Geocaching. Geocaching is a modern day pursuit whereby you can search for small boxes of 'treasure' - called a geocache - using a GPS. A geocache has been hidden by someone who then leaves the co-ordinates and some other clues on a geocaching website.

We were looking for 3 'caches' on our walk which was on Headly Heath in Surrey. 

We found the first one quite easily. Nothing very exciting, but we were happy to have found our first cache.

For the next one the GPS sent us off on a path down a hill, and at the bottom it decided it was behind us, so....

we walked back up again, some of us getting a little help....

And after that it sent us back down again, this time through the rough woodland... and at last we found the second cache!
After all this "Grand Old Duke of York"-ish behavior we decided to stick to the paths and so with my DH, master navigator, in charge, we found the third cache as well.

Good game! It was a nice way of spending a few hours in the fresh air but with a bit of added interest and fun at the same time. Sunday lunch tasted all the better after our efforts! 

Next time we decided a better approach would be to roughly locate the cache on a map and then try to set out a route to find it following paths on the map, still trying to follow the GPS. But then maybe we're just used to the old-fashioned way of navigating. A good old map and compass can't run out of batteries or cease to function because of a few trees!

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  1. Oh I say, this treasure hunting sounds like a spiffing idea. hope you had lashings of ginger beer with your lunch afterwards


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