Monday, 15 March 2010

Puppet progress so far

At the weekend I finished the final puppet in the third set of 10 for this year, the purple ones top left. The other 2 sets are the green ones, bottom left, and the blues/yellows/greens with banded stripes, top right. In addition to these 30 there are 8 other little characters on the bottom right: snowman, elephant, santa's elf, santa, jimmy the rasta, valentine bear, pingu and quackers. 

That makes 38 puppets so far. I'll have to make a couple more little characters to make that a set of 10 as well. Suggestions are very welcome!

So now it's time to start a new set. What will it be this time? I pondered a while, rumaged through my stash and finally came to a decision.

It's going to be....

...something fluffy!

Wait and see!


  1. Wow !! They look brilliant!!
    I have finished my 15 which is the number OF bags I made for the latest challenge on Loving Hands. One of the charity groups I support.
    What about a mouse?
    Thanks again for your help. Mine are still a bit random but I am sure they will be loved
    Kindest Regards Linda

  2. Thanks for popping over to my blog and glad you have approvedof the faces!!! That is me finished as I wanted 15 for the 15 bags of Love. I am hoping to do another 10 teddies but we shall see. I am catching up with some Easter bits and pieces now but they are surprises so no Photo shoot until after Easter
    Love Linda


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