Monday, 22 March 2010

Holiday preparations/ Reviewing the stash

I'm currently getting into the holiday spirit as we're off to sunny Spain for a holiday this week. Now, most people like to take a nice stash of reading material to help them relax on holiday, don't they? Well, yes, I do too, but in addition to reading, a good stock of knitting is essential for a relaxing break, don't you think? 

However there are considerations of volume to be taken into account, since I won't have unlimited access to my usual stash of wool. I have to be selective, and imaginative. What was that? My stash? Would you like to see my stash? Really? Are you sure?

Now I'd better warn you that my wool stash is not a neat collection of Debbie Bliss or whatever designer wools in an artistic selection of colours, neatly stacked on shelves or beautiful baskets.  Like you see on some blogs. Oh no. My wool stash is a collection of oddments, mainly procured from charity shops or sometimes kindly donated by others. But if you're sure you'd like a peek, well, here goes...
This a chest of drawers that I have commandered in my guest bedroom.
Quick peek ... yes, it's full of wool....
In the bottom drawer - on the right a collection of 4 ply's - in the middle some fluffy/furry yarns - and on the left some pretty unravelled yarn from a cardy that my mum knitted once.
Next drawer up - on the right, some mohair oddments, in the middle some brushed yarns and on the left a collection of chunky yarns which are useful for knitting snakes. (I promise I will post about snakes sometime.)
Onward and upward.
Third drawer up. Quite a mixture here. On the right some bobbly yarns and some soft texture yarns. Actually I haven't been using these much as I find them a bit harder and slower to knit up, but I will get around to it soon. In the middle is a mixture of different mixes and textured wools, and on the left are a few more chunky yarns.
We're getting there....
 Fourth drawer up - this is a collection of different coloured plain double knitting yarns. Always very useful for puppets.
And finally..
A half sized drawer full of small oddments. For faces and various embellishments. Useful for tiny finger puppets - haven't knitted any of those for a while, but I'll get around to it when the oddment pile gets too unmanageable.
And the last drawer - well, come on now, I can't be too greedy for space can I? That contains a hairdryer for my guests.

There is something so satisfying about looking at and selecting from all these lovely colours and textures of yarn. Here's one final peek then..

And so - back to my holiday plans. I did have a comment on my previous post from a mysterious Pablo de Guante Titere, with some suggestions for some spanish themed puppets. Mmm. Rather strange. How did this gentleman know that I was going to his country as I don't think I'd mentioned it in my blog? But of course, for those spanish speakers amongst you will realise that Guante Titere means 'Glove Puppet' in english, and the mysterious Pablo is none other than my other half having a little joke and getting into the holiday spirit as well. Bless!

I'm still considering the options as to what to take on holiday, but I feel a cunning plan in formulation....

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  1. Well that sounds like exactly my kind of holiday! I am very glad to report that today,yes it has arrived here today -- the sun is shining and it is beautiful. So have a wonderful time preparing for your holiday and enjoy it very much when you arrive.
    I shall look forward to seeing the Spanish puppets -- hope they cut the fandango!


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