Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Happy Clown Faces

Linda has requested a close-up of the clown face as she says she's not happy with hers, although I can't think why such a talented lady would have difficulty. Anyway, here you are, Linda.

Here's how I usually sew them. I have to confess I start off the sewing thread with a knot - my mother always told me not to, but it works for me. I sometimes sew into the knot at the back later to stop it pulling through.

Start with the eyes - find the centre of the face, and move 2 sts to the left, bring the needle up about 3-4 sts from the top and sew 2 straight sts vertically, over 2 sts of knitting. Then sew 2 diagonal sts either side as shown, all sts meeting in the same hole at the top. Make another eye the same way, leaving a gap of 2 sts in between.

For the nose, I sew 3 horizontal stitches over 1 knitted stitch just below the eyes. Then drop down a couple of stitches to start the mouth in the centre. To make a nice big smile I usually work the mouth over 6 knitted stitches, sewing the whole thing using 8 long stitches as shown, 4 at the top and 4 at the bottom. Doesn't matter of the smile is a bit wonky, gives the chap a bit of character. You can take the sides of the mouth up quite high, just 1 stitch below the corner of the eye.

I always like sewing the face on the clown because it means you've nearly finished one and can start another one soon!

I hope this helps with your random features, Linda!

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  1. Thank you so much for both the instructions and kind comments. I have got to quite like random but I don't want to scare the little ones who receive one of mine at Christmas time. Thanks for being so generous in encouraging others to copy your lovely work. It is for such a good cause isn't it and I have become a litle worried about the problems of finding acceptable stuffing materials
    Thanks again Linda


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