Monday, 22 February 2010

Cosy Hat

I finished knitting my cosy hat last week. I'm quite pleased with the result myself, the knotted rib is quite striking and makes a thick cosy hat. I ignored comments from my DH about keeping the tea warm in the pot - it did keep me warm last week when my friend and I chose the most dismal dreary day of the week for our walk. In fact we chickened out of the walk and went instead to visit the Stanley Spencer Gallery in Cookham, which we enjoyed much better than trudging through the sleet.
It was still cold at the weekend when we went to visit my in-laws. My mother-in-law commented that she'd like such a nice cosy hat to wear when she goes out walking, and I have therefore given her the hat as I have plenty of wool to make another for myself. I think it will keep her ears and head nice and cosy, don't you? 

Perhaps I'll try the honeycomb pattern after all for the next hat.  Maybe I'll start it this week after I've caught up on a few puppets.


  1. wow well done hunni It look's great. You'll be taking orders soon lol.

  2. I have been inspired by you to knit some puppets myself. So far I have finished 5 the first one I gave to my grandson but the rest I will keep for the charity. I am really enjoying making them and always look at your website to get ideas. Marion Westhill

  3. Marion I'm so glad you're enjoying knitting the puppets and that you're looking at my website too. I find making the puppets quite addictive and they're quick and easy to make. (I have made a pattern for a slightly smaller version which is even quicker to knit - maybe I'll post it on the blog soon!)

    Thanks so much for commenting - I do love it when people leave comments!



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