Thursday, 25 February 2010

Clown puppet knitting pattern

I was thrilled to find out that someone else had been inspired to knit puppets as a result of seeing my website and this blog, so I thought this time I would give you all a knitting pattern for my version of a puppet in case anyone else feels inspired to try some.
This pattern is a simplified, slightly smaller version of that provided on the Operation Christmas Child website. It is still plenty big enough for a child’s hand.
You will need: Oddments of double knitting wool, including face colour and hair colour (furry/fluffy wool makes good hair.)

Needles: 1 pair size 8 or 7 (4 mm or 4.5mm) needles.

Cast on 36 stitches work 6 rows in rib or garter stitch.

Change colour and work 20 rows in stocking stitch in various striped wool.

Next row: Maintaining stripy pattern cast on 8 stitches. Knit back these 8 sts plus 18 sts from body. (26 sts altogether).  Turn leaving remaining 18 stitches on a spare needle and cast on 8 sts. K3, P28, K3

Continue for a further 6 rows remembering to knit the first and last 3 stitches on purl rows.
Cast off 10 sts. Knit to end of row.
Cast off 10 sts. Purl to end of row. 14 sts remain.

Slip these stitches onto spare needle, and break off wool.

Rejoin wool to 18 sts on first spare needle, and work to match.
On last row purl across the stitches left on the second needle giving total of 28 sts.

Join on wool for the face and knit across all 28 sts.
Work 11 more rows in stocking stitch. Break off face colour wool, leaving an end for sewing up.

Join on wool for hair.
Work 2 rows garter stitch. Break off hair colour wool.

Join on first colour for hat
Work 2 rows garter stitch
1st Row S1.K1. p.s.s.o.,K10, K2 tog, S1.K1.p.s.s.o., K10, K2 tog.
2nd Row Purl.

Repeat these last two rows, joining in wool for stripes if desired until 2 sts remain. (The number of sts between decreases will drop by 2 each time.)

Cast off.

Embroider eyes and a happy smile on face.

Sew up.

Let me know how you get on if you try knitting a puppet!


  1. Hi there. Its lovely to be in contact. I am at the moment finishing off 12 little puppies for my nephews wedding. I have always loved knitting toys but was a bit sad when I read on Operation Christmas Child about the regulations about toy stuffing! I hope all the toys I have knitted in the last year are not languishing somewhere because the stuffing isnt up to Eu STANDARDS !!!!
    So I decided to knit a puppet and printed out the pattern on the website. All going well so far bu will try your pattern next!

    I wondered if that was the reason why you started making puppets?
    Kindest Regards Linda

  2. Hi Linda
    It is a little difficult to find things to knit that don't involve stuffing. I designed a pattern for a knitted snake which fits the bill - you can find it at

    I'll probably post it here sometime.

    I started making puppets after reading about the shoebox appeal in the local paper and then going to the Samaritan's Purse Website and finding the pattern there. They've a new one there for an elephant - may try that this weekend!

    Happy Knitting, Linda



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