Saturday, 27 February 2010

30 Puppet Milestone

Yesterday I passed the 30 puppet milestone for 2010. 

Now let me just explain a little bit about targets and timings. My target is to knit 100 puppets each year for Operation Christmas Child shoebox appeal. Puppets have to be complete by about the end of October because in November the shoeboxes are packed and despatched. So when I say I've reached 30, you might think "hey, its only the end of February and you're 30% done already", well, it doesn't quite work that way. Never mind, the point is I'm happy with my progress so far. I'll also be knitting other things for the appeal in between, more about those in later posts.
These three are the latest additions and the first in my series of 10 purple coloured puppets. I decided to give them purple hair and faces as well. And why not? As long as they're colourful and cheerful, I don't think a child receiving it would worry about such details. 

Other colour combinations will follow to complete the series. You see I never like to knit two puppets the same. Don't ask me why, its just that I like each one to be a little individual.

I noticed that a pattern for an elephant puppet has newly appeared on the Operation Christmas Child knitting pattern website, so I think I'll try one of those next.


  1. Hi hunni
    Blimey you have been busy. At this rate I'm sure you'll reach your target easily.
    I tend to be the same when I make batches of things, I never make two alike. I think it just keep's things a little more interesting.

    Keep up the good work, Your doing a fantastic job.

  2. I am puppeting away and loving it. Thank You


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